08 February 2011

19 May 2008

Updates of me

I know, 4 months absence from my blog :P I could only blame it on lazy n busy! There were time when I was so busy that I just don't have time for blog - there were time when I was so lazy that I just don't want to blog.

What prompt me to blog now? Well - just wanna to let you all know what have been happening to me recently.

  • I receive 'pay-rise' in my scholarship. It is a generous rise, that now I can live comfortably in London. I have been 'suffering' from low pay for such a prolong period - now with such increase, I still live as if I only receive £500 per month. Good - i can save quite huge share of scholarship money.
  • Hope Church Hatfield starts our first Sunday service on 18 May 2008!! We had 28 people attended the service. I preached, and will be preaching almost every Sunday! What an exciting time. We also started planning for the new academic year (2008/2009) which start in September! We want to get a early head-start! 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail'
  • I submit an paper to UK:MEC08 (Malaysian engineering Conference) and got accepted. This is quite an encouragement although is more of a general interest conference - but the experience is definitely valuable! It will be held in UCL in July 08!
  • I'm going travelling in August - Gold Coast, Bangkok, KL, JB, Singapore, HK! Best thing is, when I am in JB end of Aug, I will be attending the Bible Conference - this is not planned but God timing is perfect! I'll be refreshed by the WoG as well as the sharing of Ps. Kwong Lie!

Blogger.com stopped me from uploading photo - say i overquota? Weird... well, maybe need to swicth blog to other place oledi.

Okie okie - all the above sound borings :P I'll start to blog more often.

17 January 2008

First 2 Weeks of Jan 2008

I have already attended 2 live Arsenal matches at Emirates Stadium - and i'm going to probably another 2 matches in February: Arsenal vs Blackburn (11 Feb) and hopefully Arsenal vs AC Milan (24 Feb). The Arsenal vs AC Milan one is a CL match, so prayerfully I can get a ticket! Oh yea, the Blackburn's match, i'll be seating at the 2nd row behind the goal! Hopefully able to take some good photos of the players as wel as catch some balls! :D

I've already blogged about the West Ham match - so i won't bored you all with that! I went to a even better match on 12 Jan - Arsenal vs Birmingham. The result was 1-1 :P I totally enjoyed the experience this time - even though we drew with a weak team - but the atmosphere in the stadium was really 'great', especially in the 2nd half after Birmingham scored the equaliser. As the gunners were pushing for a winner, the Blues defense hold on. The fans were getting so nervous and frustrated that every actions that Blue players and the referee that caused the game to stop - they jeered at them. It was done in 'unison'! I couldn't help but getting nervous as well, particularly during the last 10 minutes! It was sooo exciting! In the end, although the result was disappointing with a draw, i truly enjoyed the experience!

Emirates Stadium

A sell-out match at Emirates Stadium Players shaking hands before the official kick-off

I was so busy yesterday (16 Jan), sorting out the new church van (2nd hand)! A bigger van - with altogether 6 seats! Finally, after few months of lobbying and requesting - Pom, Herman, Kar Mun, Jessie and Esther do not need to sit behind the small church van as we come back to London from Hatfield. We normally put cushion and up to 5 people will squeeze behind for the 1 hour journey every Friday. Those days are finally over! :D

My journey started at 8.30am. I went to sort out parking permit at Finsbury Park - rush to IC to meet Prof. Duncan - went to Neasden to collect the van, which had to be delayed for few hours because the paint on the body has not dried - went back to Caledonian to cancel the old church van parking permit and renew its road tax - parked the old church van to the sister's ministry house - rushed back to Neasden again to collect the van - fetched Pom and Esther to Hatfield - met Chen Xuan and gang for steamboat dinner - had Hatfield core team meeting - sent Esther and Amanda home ..... reached home around 1am! Very tiring but very fruitful day. At least i do not need another 1/2 day gone jst to sort out these things!

And now, i present to you the new church van - Ford Transit crewvan! It's very very high and huge, compare to the tiny Citroen Berlingo that I've been driving for 3 years! I'm really really glad! :D Let's really pray that God will protect this van - as it was parked along the road. Also pray that this van will be a huge blessing to the church, to Hope IF Hatfield - bringing people to Christ! I am thinking, we should promote our church by putting some designs on the body. At least the church website and contact details, since i'll be travelling quite a fair bit! :D

02 January 2008

A Treat from me

For those who read my blog and you are in UK ..... I've found McD and BK's voucher from http://www.hotukdeals.com/. This site is introduced to me by KP- my PhD colleagues.

Go to these sites to print the vouchers!

http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/offers/ (valid till 5 Feb 08)
http://www.garyrip.com/HUKD/bk/evoucher.pdf (valid till 10 Feb 08)

I guess my life will be revolved around BK n McD until 10 Feb! :D

Arsenal vs West Ham

I went to watch my first ever Arsenal's Premier league game, LIVE, yesterday! I paid £60+ for the tickets. It was good! Because I am an Arsenal's red member, I can almost get ticket to every home match now - the con is I have to attend alone! Nevertheless, it was good! Haha ....

Eduardo volleyed home at 72 seconds - thank God I was not late into Emirates! Then Adebayor scored the next one at 18 minutes!

"Clichy’s long pass picked out the scampering Adebayor. He nodded the bouncing ball past the onrushing Robert Green and, from the acutest of angles, sidefooted a delicate shot across the goalline, off the far post and into the net. A wonderful finish. "

I thank God that I stay so near to Emirates - just need to walk there 20 minutes before the match! My next Premiership match will be next Saturday - Arsenal vs Birmingham! Pray that is will be a goal fest - for Arsenal! :p